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Online search for homes is basically considered a starting point for potential home buyers or renters.
After narrow the list of potential homes to purchase or rent, Clients always look for Realtors to help.


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You are The only Realtor
One Client Can only link to One Realtor
You are The only Realtor One Client Can only link to One Realtor
All your clients are yours


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More Efficient--- Work Together All IN One Place
Realtors can work together with your clients just using one stop total solution----HousingEZ App.
·Instant Messaging
Your Clients expect a fast response
In-app feature lets you connect with your clients immediately and close all the deals
·Send Listings
You can send listings to your clients as convenient as a text message and clients can easily review listings details after simple click.
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·Map Drawing
Draw Your Own Search!
We're really excited about this latest update: When you're looking for homes in the app, you can now actually draw your very own real estate search area with all your home-buying or renting criteria. Circle, rectangle, heart — whatever shape your ideal home search takes, it's now much easier to find the right match.
1.Put in your filtered search criteria (e.g. city, Sale or Lease,type of properties, etc.)
2.Select or tap on the drawing icon in your map view and Draw your custom search area
3.Save or send to your clients
HousingEZ HousingEZ
HousingEZ HousingEZ HousingEZ
·Daily Update
Take your HousingEZ daily updates with You!
Your Saved Search is updated everyday automatically
·Property Tour
Schedule and Mark the Property Tour
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HousingEZ HousingEZ
·Sold History
We know that having access to property and market history information is an important part of buying, selling and rent a home
HousingEZ demonstrates whole history of properties back to 2004!
·School Boundaries
Top of the Class: Finding a Home in the Best School Districts Just Got Easier
HousingEZ HousingEZ HousingEZ
HousingEZ school search simplifies home buyers' hunt for options in the best school districts.
A great location and enviable amenities top any home hunter's must-have list – but those with kids in tow are under even greater pressure to find an ideal neighbourhood to suit their family's needs.
The first comprehensive feature of its kind, HousingEZ's new school search function lets buyers browse for listings by school boundary, including elementary and secondary schools under both public and Catholic school boards. The search results include current and five-year historical EQAO and Fraser Institute ratings, as well as average ratings within every boundary.
The ability to seamlessly combine the search for academia and real estate is an important one for families on the move; in the past, the process of researching schools and striving to buy in a specific location has only added a layer of stress on what is already a challenging undertaking for buyers.
When HousingEZ was launched, it promised Canadians a better real estate platform that will make the home search easier and more tailored to their personal needs. Finding a home in a great school district is a major factor in the majority of home searches, but it's currently cumbersome for the average buyer to try and connect the dots between the school's ranking, its boundary, and available listings in that particular area to make the best purchase choice. HousingEZ put that information in one easy-to-use place, integrated directly into our listings map.
It's not always clear to buyers what schools service what neighbourhoods, leading to potential frustrations for parents trying to place their children in specific institutions.
Homes across the street from each other may be in different catchment areas. Understanding where your home is within a certain boundary can help with long-term transition planning and reduce unnecessary moves. Not to mention wealth accumulation – school rankings are highly correlated to real estate prices.
More Clients---Bring New Clients
HousingEZ runs advertising campaign stargeting qualified homebuyers or renters on Facebook, Google, and Instagram etc.
If Clients do not know any Realtors, clients will be referred automatically to the qualified Realtor who is the closest to the clients' target locations.
Realtor's location is based on the post code when registered in the app.
·Share listings &link to your account automatically
Share Listings to your Clients
Clients Click the listings
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App Register
Link with your account automatically
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Upload & set up your assignments listings within 5 minutes.
Using other Apps at least 1 hour
This innovative new feature is to promote your listings to all your target and qualified Realtors.
More exposure for your listings
Promotion rewards for the Realtors
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